Case Studies

Every year for over 30 years, we have been improving the lives of the less abled, the eldery and the infirm through our moving and handling sling, bathing and postural support solutions.  Our goal is to improve the lives of 1 million people per year by 2031.  The following pages showcase just a few stories of people whose lives we have improved.


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Improving Lives - Tom's Story

 A story about shower posture management, featuring the Tilt-In-Space Shower Cradle (900-S).

Improving Lives - Paula's Story

A story about showering safety and comfort featuring the Tilt-In-Space Shower Chair (981-S).

Improving Lives - Betty's Story

A story about giving freedom back from being bedridden, featuring the GLOVE Airflow (GAIR).

Improving Lives - Khalid's Story

A story about how a simple modification made a huge impact, featuring the GLOVE In-Chair LITE (GIL).

Improving Lives - Lewis' Story

A story about enabling toileting privacy featuring the GLOVE Convenience II (GC2).

Improving Lives - Margaret's Story

A story about how listening and understanding individual needs helped improve comfort and lessen pain, featuring the GLOVE Diamond Deluxe (GDD)...

Improving Lives - Sara's Story

A story about thinking 'outside of the box' to enable dignity, featuring the GLOVE Deluxe Foxy (GXF).

Improving Lives - Dylan's Story

A story about going the extra mile and how by living by values improved lives, featuring the GLOVE Airflow Manual (GAIRM).

Improving Lives - Diane's Story

A story about how sling comfort puts a smile on faces, featuring the GLOVE Diamond Deluxe (GDD).

Improving Lives - Zahira's Story

 A story about a perfect fit and sacrum relief, featuring the GLOVE Diamond Deluxe (GDD).

Improving Lives - Tamsin's Story

A story about how a posture support enabled the first real bath for over 20 years, featuring the BURNETT REMOULD™ Bath Seat with full body...

Improving Lives - Simon's Story

When you are measuring days rather than weeks, every second counts.  The super-fast production enabled blessed respite at the hardest of...