We offer free assessments nationwide for all our GLOVE SLING™ and BATHING RANGE products.  To request a free assessment, please submit the form below and we will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time. 

Alternatively you can conveniently email your local Product Specialist directly from this page by simply clicking on the relevant 'contact me' button from our Meet The Product Specialists section below. To help you determine the local specialist for the area in which you work, please also refer to our interactive map search feature. 

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Meet the Product Specialists

Steve Watson - National Sales Assessment Manager

It’s been said that what Steve doesn’t know about slings isn’t worth knowing! Widely known and respected by Occupational Therapists, Steve as National Sales Assessment Manager is responsible for our entire UK sales team and for heading up our external training provision. Steve is also our ‘man on the ground’ for Anglia and Havering concerning GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™ products. 

Steve Coombs - Area Sales Manager (South East)

The South East is in safe hands with Steve who can boast one of the longest-standing industry experiences of any of our employees – 40 years!  He is particularly a specialist in the management of patients in their own home environment. Steve supports GLOVE SLING™, the BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™.

Paul Covacic - Area Sales Manager (Central)

Paul has spent the past 24 years in the moving and handling industry.  An Area Sales Manager for the Home Counties and West London, Paul works closely with stores and nursing homes in this region as well as providing Training for Occupational Therapists for GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™ products.  

Alan Davies - Senior Area Sales Manager (South West)

With eight years’ experience and equal familiarity with both GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™ products, Alan is the ‘go to’ person for those based in the South West of England needing advice and expert help.

Ian Dyer - Regional Sales Manager (North & Scotland)

Ian is our Regional Sales Manager for the North covering Scotland down to the Cumbrian and Teeside borders. With 17 years’ experience on handling and moving best practice and product knowledge, Ian is an ideal point of call to help those with mobility-impaired needs with GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™ products.

Brendon Farrow - Area Sales Manager (Anglia)

Brendon brings a history of working in the moving and handling industry to benefit all those seeking help across the Eastern corner of England and North-East London for GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™.

Richard Gomm - Key Account Manager

Richard Gomm is a moving and handling advisor having worked in the industry for the past two decades.  As a national Key Account Manager, Richard is responsible for developing and growing strong relationships with commissioners, loan store operators and local authorities across the country.

Keith Fox - Business Development Manager (Wales & South West)

Keith is a COMFORT VALUE™ specialist, having been involved in the range’s development from the outset.  With over 11 years extensive first-hand knowledge of sling products throughout markets past and present, Keith is a mind of information and expertise and well poised to help Community Equipment Stores, Care Homes and those seeking catlogued equipment..

Leon White - Business Development Manager (North)

COMFORT VALUE™ Business Development Manager Leon White, has a great understanding of human physiology and musculoskeletal conditions and has previously served the moving and handling market sector with through hoisting, transfer equipment, slings, specialist seating and positioning.

Kathryn Emasealu - Area Sales Manager (North)

Kathryn brings to the table over ten years experience working with patients of all abilities.  With a background in physio across adult and paediatric care, Kathryn provides understanding and support across the Northern region for those seeking assistance for GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™ solutions. 



Michael Baker - Area Sales Manager (North East)

Michael has 25 years+ of industry experience and is well-known and trusted in the North East of England.  As a Care & Independence Product Specialist for GLOVE SLING™, BATHING RANGE adn BURNETT REMOULD™, Michael will be supporting healthcare professionals from Berwick-upon-Tweed at the North East of his coverage, south through Northumberland, Tyneside, Newcastle to Selby in North Yorkshire and west across Cumbria.

Adam Clerehugh - Area Sales Manager (North East)

Adam is your Product Specialist covering the West Midlands up though to South Yorkshire. Able to assist with GLOVE SLING™, BATHNG RANGE and BURNETT REMOULD™ products, Adam excels in providing hands-on support and helping improve lives .