Pressure Mapping

Commissioning independent Pressure Mapping trials help ascertain sling performance and identify areas of risk, enabling us to develop better performing products.

Scientific Insight

The scientific data gathered from Pressure Mapping trials helps identify areas subject to tissue viability risks, pain and other health concerns equipment users experience.


This invaluable insight allows us to specifically develop solutions which address these common issues and help vastly improve the lives for users of our products.

Real World Benefits


  • Extra padding added to identified key risk areas
  • Improved temperature regulation
  • Soft tissue damage risk reduction
  • Seamless fabric areas around thighs for added user comfort and greater ease of fitting.


Pressure Mapped Slings

GLOVE™ In-Chair Sling Styles vs Competitors

GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Plus (GDDP) Leg Lift


GLOVE™ Airflow (GAIR)

GLOVE™ In-Chair Divided Leg (GIDL)

GLOVE™ In-Chair (GI)


GLOVE™ Powersilk (GPS)

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