Improving Lives - Simon's Story

When you are measuring days rather than weeks, every second counts.  The super-fast production enabled blessed respite at the hardest of times.

Care & Independence receive hundreds of incoming requests for sling orders on a weekly basis, which are duly processed and dispatched from existing stock to fast leadtimes as standard.  However occasionally an order is received that demands more urgent attention, like in the case of Simon*.  Simon’s health had deteriorated to the extent that he was already receiving 24-hour palliative care and whilst time is always of the essence to ensure maximum benefits, it was necessary to go the extra mile to the next level of service.

The sling that had been requested by Simon’s Care Team was a GLOVE Airflow™.  Chosen for its high breathability in-chair style, the Airflow™ has also been scientifically proven through pressure mapping to not increase the risk of pressure sores or ulcers. This not only meant the sling could be used for Simon’s moving and handling needs but could also be left in-situ beneath him for longer periods of time, thereby reducing his discomfort from more frequent sling removals yet without further compromising his already compromised and  deteriorating health.  

The GLOVE Airflow™ is one of the most requested slings and stock levels are duly kept high for the more common sizes.  The issue in Simon’s case was that as a bariatric patient, he required a size 11 sling, which was not immediately available.Every day that elapsed without this crucial piece of moving and handling equipment would impact on Simon’s quality of life at the most critical of times.  

Acutely aware of this, the Care & Independence team sprinted into action. The order was fast-tracked through the system, production schedules were rearranged and within a mere 24 hours of the request received, a Size 11 GLOVE Airflow™ had been made to order and then left the warehouse on an expedited delivery! 

It’s times like this when having our own production facilities on site makes such a difference,” said Production Manager, Sarah Herring.  “With skilled staff immediately on hand, we were able to fulfil this request from scratch in record time.  I am so proud of my team for going well above and beyond normal manufacturing practices to enable this time-sensitive order to happen so quickly.”