Improving Lives - Tom's Story

A supportive and comfortable postural showering solution that worked well for everyone - even in a small space!


‘Tom’* is a 24-year-old male with Learning Disabilities.  He is non-weight bearing and has limited communication skills. With poor muscle tone, Tom uses postural seating during the day and has a sleep system on his bed.  Within his residential home, carers are on hand 24 hours a day to help with personal care, including showering him every day in a small wet room located off his bedroom. Long-term Tom had been using a tilting chair, however a recent routine maintenance check had condemned the chair as not-fit-for-use. 

Due to the limited space in the wet room, it was imperative that any new equipment retained the tilt function.  Furthermore, given Tom’s tendency to slip to one side as a result of his lessened muscle tone, it was felt that additional trunk support would be beneficial too.

Being aware of the Care & Independence BATHING RANGE, the moving and handling advisor got in touch with their local Product Specialist to investigate options.  Having recently been redeveloped with a number of new features and benefits, and representing a modern choice for users and carers, the 900 Tilt-In-Space Cradle was selected to best meet Tom’s needs. 

Capable of a 45 degree in-situ tilt, the 900 cradle could be operated in the small environment available. The 900 is fully adjustable too; head, arms, seat height and footrests could all be tailored specifically to Tom and his carer’s individual requirements.  

Additionally, to Tom’s benefit and comfort, his patient posture management could be easily achieved with the tension adjustable back and headrests made from 3D-Spacer fabric. This material itself is kinder on the skin than mesh, as well as being highly supportive - a plus for Tom’s condition.  Spacer also has excellent drainage and a fast air-drying time of around 40 minutes.  Clunk-click buckle attachments make for quick and easy fit/removal, helping address hygiene management.  

At the subsequent three-month review, the testimony from Tom’s Carer Team established that the 900 Tilt-In-Space Cradle was working well, with both Tom and his care team very happy with its performance and functionality. 

*Due to the sensitivities of medical conditions, names have been changed to protect privacy.  Images used are for illustrative purposes only.