Care & Independence products are manufactured using a range of different high-quality fabrics and materials. Each component is carefully considered with the most appropriate materials chosen to optimise performance and product lifespan.

A Team Effort

Our highly skilled and experienced product development team work diligently to ensure that the creation of any Care & Independence product is 'en point' when it comes to construction credentials.  We take into account fabric compatibility, stitching details, welding and many more ‘hidden’ production intricacies besides.  


Our teams of expert machinists and construction staff also contribute to the exceptionally high quality of slings and bathing products we produce. 


That's why they are collectively known as the 'A-Team' for 'All-in-it-Together', working towards a common purpose of improving lives.

Sling Construction

There is more to making a Care & Independence sling than meets the eye.  We employ advanced fabric technologies, stitching details and many more ‘hidden’ intricacies to create a range of high quality and top performing sling styles that continue to be the preferred choice of occupational therapists, healthcare professionals and users alike for over 30 years.


  • Laser cutting of patterns ensures consistent accuracy
  • Soft-knit polyester is a sling staple as it's kinder to skin than other alternatives plus its offers durability an strength in performamce.
  • Hyperlast™ slide sheet material helps reduce user tissue friction and aids fitting.  It can be found in leg and vertebrae sections.
  • Parasilk™ is super-thin yet very strong so is an ideal fabric choice for users in mouldable chairs.

3D-Spacer Fabric

A multi-function material, heatset 3D-weave Spacer material provides stretch with incredible strength that also moulds perfectly to the body shape for superb comfort. It is also quick draining and has fast drying properties – airdry in just 40 minutes compared to 4 hours for traditional foam padding.  3D-Spacer fabric is also capable of withstanding laundering at higher temperature and over a prolonged period of time without disintegrating, thereby retaining its superior qualities and making it an ideal fabric for sling construction.

Temperature-aiding Technology

The pinnacle of fabric technology for temperature regulation is the technically advanced ‘AIRFLOW' fabric, originally purposed for use by military and police beneath combat/riot gear to help them keep cool even in the most stressful situations.  


An alternating a thick and thin fabric weave provides a superior breathability allowing air to easily flow through and around the fabric.  This is of paramount importance in helping maintain a cool and even body temperature and so is ideally suited for In-Chair users.  


Additionally, the 3D weave - like the Heatset Spacer fabric - moulds with the body and provides a soft yet strong supportive shape with exceptional user comfort during hoisting.  

Bathing Products

Care & Independence bathing products also benefit from technological consideration and application.


  • Frames are constructed from stainless steel for their robustness and durability.
  • Tough anti-micro-bacterial vinyl coverings to high-use areas such as seats and arm/foot pads help combat germs and provide durability.
  • Mechanical parts are purposely protected to help improve hygiene.
  • 3D-Spacer fabric is used as the body support construction for our BATHING RANGE Tilt-In-Space chairs and cradles and the Options chair variants.

We're here to help improve lives

We're available to offer product advice and our Product Specialists provide free assessments to help you decide which product would best benefit individual situations.