About Us

At the heart of what Care & Independence are about is 'Improving Lives'. For the past 30 years, we have become experts at developing, manufacturing and supplying safe patient moving and handling equipment to those less able, the infirm and the elderly. 

Care & Independence products represent outstanding quality with a broad product range helping solve complex problems.  In fact we so firmly stand by these assertions that we offer an unprecedented no-quibble guarantee of either an improved user outcome or return the product.

In addition, we are also a values-driven company - not aspirational abstracts but real values all staff can embody and actively demonstrate in daily lives.  From the managing director to the new starter, we are each held accountable for upholding these values and working towards our 10 year goal of improving the lives of 1 million people annually.

Our Company Values

To be Humbly Confident translates as meaning being confident in our knowledge, products, service, and the value we bring to a situation but without any arrogance attached.  This is because we recognise that there may be some questions or situations that we do not have immediate answers for or even the odd situation where for one reasons or another we cannot, or will not be able to meet customer preferences or requirements.

That said however, because we do know our market place, are familiar with customers’ needs in the real world, and take the time to further develop and learn, we are able to act thoughtfully, purposefully with the ability to justify our actions. So when a customer or user chooses Care & Independence, we can be confident they are getting a truly world class solution.

To be Caring, Friendly & Supportive is actually a basic value to embody. It's simply about taking the time to stop and think, and be mindful about one another - be that our users, our customers or our colleagues. 

Through our own actions, through listening, through empathy and through understanding of another's experience and circumstance, we nuture a genuine caring esprit de cours, without agenda or wanting anything in return.   It's ensuring everyone is treated with professionalism, courtesy and respect.

Towards colleagues we aspire to become friends, actively listening to one another, sharing thoughts and ideas, celebrating success and learning from failures as a team, and taking an interest in their full lives.

A Growth Mindset is where challenges or setbacks are embraced as opportunities for learning and improvment.  Rather than be frustrated by circumstance, we pivot our thinking and attitude to adpat, remembeingr to focus on the bigger picture. 

Effort is a pathway to advancement and we are action-orientated. The greater the effort, the further we can advance.  We understand that a positive attitude is everything.  Choosing a growth mindset helps to improve lives of others as well as ourselves.

We Go The Extra Mile.

We are acutely aware that frequently those less able or less fortunate rely upon us and the services we provide - from the disadvantaged user to the often overwhelmed and under-funded professionals in the healthcare system.  These people are the reason we as a company exist. We thus understand that should we fail to serve them well, the impact can have severe consequences and is possibly detrimental to their well-being.

It’s for this reason, that when needed, we are happy to put ourselves out to ensure that they benefit. 
However we also know where boundaries lie, so we will not over-reach or outstay our welcome. We never expect thanks for going above and beyond, as for us Improving Lives and user outcomes is reward enough.

We work for the Greater Good.

Our society, our communities, our industry, our business and our jobs are all reliant on the social principle of wanting to improve the wellbeing of one another. We simply ensure that this is at the forefront of our thinking in the decisions we take and the behaviours we exhibit. By being Humbly Confident, Going the Extra Mile, Caring for one another in a Friendly and Supportive way, we achieve this.

Through striving for this, we achieve our individual and collective goals, whether they are qualitative or quantitative, be they financial, operational or emotional. We understand and enforce our ability to be the change we wish to see in the world and we always try to do the right thing, even if it is not the easy or obvious thing. We are proud to be Improving Lives.

Industry Leading Quality

BHTA Gold Standard

The British Healthcare Trade Association (BHTA) Code of Practice defines how it expects it's members to to behave and, as approved by the Consumer Condes Approval SCheme (CCAS) and run by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, it offers customers reassurance that they will be dealing with a compay they can trust.  Care & Independence not only adhere to the BHTA Code of Practice but have exceeded it and be awarded the BHTA Gold Standard.

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Made In Britain

We are a member of Made In Britain - an organisation which comprises manufactuers of British-made products.

Members are expected to adhere to a strict code of conduct and business standards helping safeguard reputation and products to which the Made In Britain mark is applied.

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Sedex stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange and is one of the world's leading ethical trade membership organisations working to ensure sustainable and responsible business practices internationally. In step with guidelines from the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation, Sedex help protect both people and the environment from exploitation and/or mistreatment.  Care & Independence is proud to be a member of the Sedex working to improve the lives of others.

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ISO 9001:2015

One of the first in our industry to be awarded ISO 9001: 2015,  this internationally-recognised quality standard demonstrates to a customer that Care & Independence has the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

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ISO 45001:2018

The ISO 45001:2018 is specifically applied to an Occupational Health and Safety Management standard - the requirements for which go beyond that which the basic law requires. Care & Independence is proud to have successfully achieved this quality accreditation. 

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Trading Standards

Trading Standards is a UK government service that protect consumers from unfair or illegal trading and monitors product safety amongst a host of other things.  Care & Independence is registered with Trading Standards thereby our customers can  rest assured of the health and safety compliance of our products, our legitimacy and professionalism.

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CE Mark

Care & Indpendence slings are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed BS EN 10535:2006 for the transfer of disabled persons.

Care & Indpendence slings bear the CE marking and are in conformity with the applicable requirements of EU regulation 2017/745 as transposed in the laws of the Member States.

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RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) is a UK-based charity at the heart of accident prevention in the UK and around the world, tackling occupational health and safety, and road, home, leisure and education safety. Through research, campaigns and providing training, RoSPA aim is to help reduce or prevent serious accidents from occuring.  All of the Care & Independence sales team are trained to Level 4 RoSPA standards and follow best practice procedures when carrying out their field duties.

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The Entrepeneurial Operating Sytstem (EOS) is a people operating system that uses simple, effective tools to help companies achieve stronger vision and traction across their business. Through the adaptation of key principals, it provides clarity at all levels of a business and helps instill focus, discipline, and accountability throughout the company.  Since adapting EOS, Care & Independence has become more adapt at identifying issues and problem-solving faster, increased efficiency and developed an all-inclusive company mindset to the benefit of all employees.

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Supply Chain Security

Care & Independence is a British manufacturer of safe patient moving and handling sling and bathing equipment.  With two production sites in the UK and UK-based Tier-1 supply chain partners, we are well positioned to avoid lengthy lead times and mitigate disruption to supply chain compared to importers.  


As Care & Independence products are made in the UK,  we have full control over every stage of our manufacturing processes.  A multi-vendor sourcing policy mitigates the risk of interruption to materials inflow and a number of logistics options at our disposal (including consignment stocking and call-off options amongst other potential commercial arrangements), helps us to secure your supply of goods in a timely manner.


We can therefore provide our customers with peace of mind and one of the quickest leadtimes in the market.

Environmental Care

Care & Independence are conscious of the impact manufacture and supply has upon the environment, which is why we’ve already taken steps to reduce our carbon footprint.  Examples of our 'green' credentials include the recyling of waste material from our slings, more sustainable diesel-run fleet vehicles and a print-only-if-necessary office policy.  


Additionally, our suppliers are carefully chosen based upon the quality and performance of materials as well as their business credentials and ethics.  


Care & Independence is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040 for Scope 1 and 2 emissions, and a subset of Scope 3 emissions, including but not limited to; upstream and downstream transportation and distribution, waste generated in operations, business travel and employee commuting.  The commitment was made on 4th January 2024 by the Senior Management Team, and subsequently approved by the Board.


1996 - The Journey Begins

Southern Care Systems is established in Dorset specialising in ceiling track hoists. The company soon diversifies into other market segments:

  • Care & Independence Systems based in Bicester for slings.
  • Aidservice for bathing products in Wigan.
  • Caledonian Care in Scotland begins as a stairlift and lifts distributor and installer.

All four companies work independently but support one another.

Next 10 Years - Establishing A Market Presence

Throughout the '90s and early 00's, the Group continues to establish itself within the moving and handling market for Assessment-led products designed and manufacturered in-house, for installation excellence and, in servicing equipment.

2006 - GLOVE SLING™ Developed

The launch of the original GLOVE SLING™ - the GLOVE Deluxe - takes moving and handling industry by storm.  

The revolutionary shape quickly establishes a market-leading position in sling design, and is one which will be replicated by others in the years to come.

2012 - Award-Winning Design

The ‘Grasshopper’ bathing chair wins a Design Innovation Award for it's ability to rise and fall in a unique way.

2016 - When Four Becomes One

In a management buy-out aided by Octopus VCT, all four companies are consolidated into one. 


The newly merged company adopts the name 'Care & Independence Ltd' and is rebranded with multi-colour ampersand/heart with a new strap line of 'Improving Lives'.

2019 - New Market Sector

Having led in the niche and complex individual needs end of the market, Care & Independence develop the COMFORT VALUE® range of sling and bathing products designed specifically to service the community equipment store and catalogue market.


Through innovative design and reviewing manufacturing processes, the COMFORT VALUE® range brings to market the same high quality and performance the company is known for yet at a lower and competitive price point for this multi-vendor market.

2020 - Time To Focus

The Company makes the decision to withdraw from the hoists sector and cease distribution of stairlifts.  As a result, Service & Installation services no longer required and these too come to an end.


Care & Independence focuses on it's two core business channels, slings and bathing products and enters a period of new product development.

2021 - Diamonds Are A Sling's Best Friend

Care & Independence revolutionises the sling market yet again with the launch of the GLOVE™ Diamond sling family.  The new Diamond slings with multiple design patents including the diamond-shaped aperture from whence the new sling model derives it's name, mark a new era in sling innovation.

2021 - Growth & Expansion

The COMFORT VALUE™ sling range is further expanded with competitive advantages as well as added benefits such as additional comfort enhancements and a choice of fabric finishes.

2022 - Making A Splash

In early 2022, Care & Independence release their re-developed range of bathing chairs and cradles.


Hailed as a 'modern choice for users and their carers', the bathing products provide improved hygiene control, enhanced user comfort and new-look aesthetics amongst other changes.

2023 - Postural Support Aids

Care & Independence acquire the manufacturing rights to a range of mouldable postural supports formerly known as the Burnett Vacuum Support System. 

Product improvements are made and the brand is relaunched as BURNETT REMOULD.  Featuring vacuum-moulded and self-regulating solutions, the new range is complementary to the existing brand portfolio.

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If you'd like to work with us to help improve lives, please see our Careers page for the latest employment opportunities.  Alternatively, get in touch if you'd like to find out more about about Care & Independence products and services.