Improving Lives - Tamsin's Story

A real life changer.”  A tailor-made bath support without the expense of a bespoke solution.

Tamsin* is a 40 year-old with severe kyphoscoliosis, leaving her body windswept to the left.  In recent years Tamsin had also developed severe and almost fixed contractures.  For the past two decades, Tamsin’s physical condition had entailed bed baths as a standard procedure. However with a change in care provider, the time proved right to investigate an alternative bathing solution that could improve Tamsin’s life.

Aware of the BURNETT REMOULD™ postural support range, Tamsin’s care team arranged for an assessment by the local Product Specialist.  BURNETT REMOULD™ products are ideal for people with complex postural needs as supports can be moulded to an exact match of a body shape through a simple manipulation of the beaded pouch – similar in some respects to a beanbag.  The required shape is then ‘fixed’ through the application of a vacuum, itself easily administered via a foot or hand pump.  The benefit of vacuum-moulding meant a tailor-made bath support was available for Tamsin without having the expense of a bespoke solution.  

Of all the BURNETT REMOULD™ bathing products available, the one deemed most suitable for Tamsin’s needs was the BURNETT REMOULD™ Bath Seat with full body support (BS1109).  With padded shoulder and side flares, this would give Tamsin great lateral support. Furthermore, as the body support extends above the head, both this and her neck would be fully supported too, working especially well during hair washing.  

Although the BS1109 features a mid-hinge for more conventional upright seating positions, it was felt that in Tamsin’s circumstances, it would be best applied in a flatter position to accommodate better spinal support and provide Tamsin with additional comfort.  The mid-support cut-out hole would however still provide effective water drainage, as well as help relieve the pressure points where her posterior met the support.  Security of both the user and the support in such a wet environment is paramount, which is why 21 integral suction cups adhere the support to the opposing surface, preventing slippage.  The base of the support can also be engineered into a split-leg pommel aiding user positioning, although in Tamsin’s case, a solid ramped end was more appropriate.

One of the other key benefits to the vacuum nature of BURNETT REMOULD™, is that supports are easily remouldable and so can adapt as a user’s needs change.  Given that Tamsin’s condition would deteriorate over time, this was another plus for Tamsin; the one BURNETT REMOULD™ support would be capable of adapting as her body shape evolved.

“This was a real life changer for Tamsin,” commented Product Specialist Andy.  “The long-standing personal care issues have been successfully resolved and for the first time in over 20 years Tamsin can now be washed other than in bed!

*Due to the sensitivities of medical conditions, names have been changed to protect privacy.  Images used are for illustrative purposes only.