Improving Lives - Zahira's Story

A really great result.  The modified sling fits perfectly...Zahira has even stopped wincing during hoisting.”

Zahria’s* general immobility had led to painful sacrum ulcers and excessive water retention in her legs. During an appointment to assess for pressure care (and knowing they were also a local distributor for Care & Independence), Zahira’s Occupational Therapist requested a simultaneous sling assessment in the hope for a more comfortable solution giving greater relief during Zahira’s routine daily hoisting.

With demo kit to hand, the assessor was able to present Zahira with a GLOVE Diamond Deluxe (GDD) that fitted the bill.  The GDD has a diamond-shaped aperture specifically designed to relieve pressure to the sacrum and coccyx, as well as binding-free padded legs.  Both of these features were ideal to address Zahira’s pain points.  The sling performed really well in those respects with Zahira commenting on the greater comfort compared to her existing sling.  However due to Zahira’s body shape, the fit to her torso was too gappy, the shoulder position too high and, with a large panniculus, the leg straps dug into her stomach during lifting. 

Given the difference made to Zahira’s lower body comfort, the decision was taken to order the GDD as a ‘Special’.  A Special is when a sling is tailor-made to an individual user’s requirements thus creating a bespoke solution.  This is possible as Care & Independence slings are manufactured at their UK production site.  To create a ‘Special’, precise measurements are taken from the user and converted into a pattern ready for the machinists to sew.  In Zahira’s circumstances, firstly, the GDD leg width was made thinner.  This created a more suitable fit for her body shape which, when attached a spreader bar, would prevent the leg straps from aggravating Zahira’s panniculus.  Secondly, the back length was reduced so the entire sling would fit snuggly as originally intended.  

The ensuing GLOVE Diamond Deluxe Special was made and delivered to Zahira within two days of order receipt.  The Occupational Therapist reported that Zahira was very pleased with her new sling; “It’s been a really great result.  The modified sling fits perfectly and the leg adjustments have worked very well in keeping the straps away from her stomach.  Also thanks to the positioning of the diamond aperture avoiding her ulcers, Zahira has even stopped wincing during hoisting too.

*Due to the sensitivities of medical conditions, names have been changed to protect privacy.  Images used are for illustrative purposes only.