Improving Lives - Diane's Story

“A key factor in determining the suitability of sling is undoubtedly user comfort - get that right and you’re half way there.”

Having recently been discharged from hospital following a temporary spinal injury affecting her ability to walk, ‘Diane’* was in need of a sling for transfers out of bed into a wheelchair and a commode chair for bathroom ablutions.   Diane was experiencing a lot of discomfort each time she was hoisted in the sling provided by the local authority with the situation aggravating her frustrated mental state too.

Concerned for Diane’s way of life, husband Roy pressed Diane’s carer to seek an alternative sling that felt comfortable enough for Diane to use until her recovery was complete.  A joint assessment was booked with local Care & Independence Product Specialist Alan Davies.  “I’ve been assessing for slings for over eight years and find that a key factor in determining the suitability of sling is undoubtedly user comfort - get that right and you’re half way there. Of course the sling has to be functional for the circumstances but if the user doesn’t find it comfortable, it can actually be more of a hindrance than a help,” observed Alan.

Armed with a demo kit full of diverse sling styles, Alan instinctively homed in on the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe (GDD).  With extra padding to the vertebrae and legs together with the no-seam leg sections reducing the pressure on her thighs, Diane’s hoisting experience would immediately feel more comfortable.  The GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe gets its name from the diamond shaped aperture which was designed to relieve pressure to the sacrum and coccyx, so that too would increase Diane’s lifting comfort.  Double-sided slidesheet leg sections made for easy fitting and removal minimizing discomfort during application as well.  Diane was trialed with two sizes to ascertain which would be the most suitable for when she was positioned on a commode and needed the sling withdrawn.

With the appropriate sling style and size, the result could be clearly seen in Diane’s beaming face.  Roy was so overjoyed with the transformation in Diane’s mentality that he wanted to keep the demo sling to use straight away!  However the wait for her very own GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe was minimal, as Diane took receipt of her new sling within days of the assessment.

Post-delivery Roy contacted Care & Independence expressing his & Diane’s gratitude: “Please pass on our thanks…Diane was lifted via your sling into her wheelchair yesterday and a smile appeared.  She was comfortable whilst being moved and felt no discomfort.

*Due to the sensitivities of medical conditions, names have been changed to protect privacy.  Images used are for illustrative purposes only.