Improving Lives - Sara's Story

A practical solution "by simply utilising a standard store-stocked product in a resourceful and highly effective way".

‘Sara’* lives with her husband Mark who is her primary carer.  Mark helps Sara with her personal needs including toileting.  The very nature of being husband and wife meant they were no stranger to physical intimacies, but unsurprisingly, Sara aspired to be more independent with regard to her toileting activities.

As Sara had been deemed unsuited for a toileting sling, the GLOVE Deluxe Foxy was considered an appropriate alternative in this instance, with it benefiting from an aperture that provides good toileting access.  Additionally, the Foxy-style has a wider leg section than standard and, whilst it is specifically good for pear-shaped users with larger hips, despite Sara’s non-bariatric body, this feature would work well from an additional leg support perspective in her circumstances.

Sling sorted, there remained the issue of independent toileting.  Conventionally, once a sling is fitted and hoisted, third party involvement is subsequently required to adjust clothing in-situ enabling toileting to occur - which of course wouldn’t meet Sara’s wish for privacy.  Sara was instead directed to employ an unconventional fitting method.   

This involved a skirt-wearing Sara rucking up the skirt fabric at the rear permitting her underwear to be drawn down from behind to a suitably exposed condition, whilst protecting her modesty from the front.  Her husband Mark was taught to safely fit the GLOVE Deluxe Foxy down her back but, in a break from common practice, to instead slide the leg sections inside the skirt waistband, passing beneath the underwear directly against Sara’s skin, before fitting the leg sections as normal.  What this allowed was a ‘pre-prepared’ Sara to be hoisted over the toilet, at which point Mark could leave the room to allow Sara to attend to her needs without an onlooker.

This was a classic case of how a standard GLOVE SLING™ product can resolve some real-world situations without the need for a bespoke solution,” commented Product Specialist Brendon Farrow.  “In Sara’s situation, the Moving and Handling Advisor was able to resolve the matter by simply utilising a store-stocked product in a resourceful and highly effective way to everyone’s ultimate satisfaction.”

*Due to the sensitivities of medical conditions, names have been changed to protect privacy.  Images used are for illustrative purposes only.