New Transport Sling Launched

Capable of serving the mainstream population, the new COMFORT VALUE® Transport sling is the latest off-the-shelf moving & handling solution available to stockists and catalogue providers.

Care & Independence the safe patient moving and handling specialists have launched a new Sit-to-Stand style sling called the comfort value® Transport (CVTR), which they are positioning as a highly practical stocked item choice for providers of community-based equipment or as a catalogued item.

The comfort value® Transport is the latest off-the-shelf solution in the comfort value® range of generalist moving and handling products.  The comfort value® Transport aids in the transfer of users from a seated to semi-standing position, which is ideal for occasions when a full sling transfer isn’t required but some mobility assistance is needed.

Sales & Marketing Director James Bennett is excited by the real-world opportunities of the comfort value™ Transport sling in improving the living of the less abled.  “Delivering high on performance and quality yet at a competitive price point, we genuinely believe the comfort value Transport offers a low-cost yet highly functional item for Community Equipment Stores, Care Homes, Catalogue providers and other such multi-user providers,” he asserted.  “With a capacity for repeated issue over its lifespan by multiple users, this sit-to-stand solution really should be a staple stocked item up and down the country!

Made from a strong and durable soft-knit Polyester material, the sling is easy to fit with looped straps allowing for an adjustable angle of recline based on individual user needs.  User comfort consideration has been achieved through generous padded under arms and to the leg sections.  A non-slip back panel and adjustable clunk-click buckle chest band allay any security concerns during use.

Compatible with the majority of stand aids and available in XS-XL with a SWL of 230kg, the comfort value® Transport is capable of serving the mainstream population.  All of these features and benefits factored in with stock availability and a 3-year warranty, make for an attractive offer for multi-purchase equipment providers.   

The comfort value® Transport sling is available to order from 5th February 2024.  To find out more, click here or, to arrange to speak with a Business Development Manager, call 033 012 80808.