New BATHING RANGE Makes A Splash

The Care & Independence BATHING RANGE has been redeveloped with new features and benefits, making it a modern choice for users and carers.

More commonly known for their GLOVE™ slings, safe patient moving and handling specialists Care & Independence also provide a range of premium bathing equipment that, as one has come to expect from the renowned British manufacturer, are equally as high on quality and performance.


Their BATHING RANGE has recently undergone a redevelopment of Tilt-In-Space chairs and cradles as well as for the popular ‘Options’ shower and commode chair.  Debuted at the Occupational Therapy Show in late November, the updated chairs and cradles were positively and enthusiastically received by stand visitors.


No longer is the body supported by mesh material which can be abrasive to sensitive skin, instead it is now replaced by soft and kinder 3D-Spacer fabric which also has the added benefit of moulding to the body for improved user support and comfort and being faster drying.  The Spacer fabric is secured to the bathing equipment via a series of convenient clunk-click buckles helping improve hygiene and infection control through easy attachment and removal.  The attachment straps also enable individual tension adjustment to ensure a better and more comfortable fit on an individual user basis.  Further enhancements in the new range include a fully-encased head section to prevent snags, and padded cushion infills providing security yet with quick release attachment to aid in-situ user washing.


Sales & Marketing Director James Bennett is quick to extol the credentials of the improved BATHING RANGE;  “In 2021 we undertook an in-depth market research project to help us better understand the challenges being faced by users and carers when it came to assisted bathing.  This gave us real-world insight into what the marketplace was currently providing - and where it was lacking.  This invaluable customer-voice research formed the basis of our development direction, the results of which we now see in our newly improved bathing chair and cradle offeringPeople also told us they felt existing bathing equipment was practical yet looked outdated.  Our redeveloped BATHING RANGE has addressed that too by keeping all of the everyday functionality but modernising the aesthetic and using newer fabric technologies to also improve user comfort and add benefit of enhanced performance.”


‘A modern bathing choice for users and their carers’ in adult, paediatric and infant models, Care & Independence bathing equipment is handmade to order, currently operating with one of the shortest lead times available in the UK for standard models at just 2-3 weeks


As a continuation of their personalisation approach, framework is offered in either an Anthracite Grey powder coating or satin-polished stainless-steel finish with a further choice of ‘Independence Blue’, Anthracite Grey or mix & match combination for the 3D-Spacer fabric, seat choice and footrests.  Black accessories complement the range.


The new BATHING RANGE is available to order immediately with free assessments available from February.