New Dawn for Toileting Slings

Delivering maximum support, maximum comfort, maximum security, and maximum performance, the glove™ Convenience Max is thus aptly named.  Developed inhouse by the expert sling design team, the glove™ Convenience Max resolves an issue for prescribers and users that has long dogged the sector.  It is targeted at users with reduced upper body tone, or those who need a little extra support and stability and may ordinarily not be suitable for an access/convenience style sling.

James Bennett Sales & Marketing Director explained: “We have listened over the years, to prescribers and users alike who opine the issues and risks around the application of access/toileting slings - insomuch as they are frequently not suitable but very much desired. The most common cause for concern is that users don’t have the appropriate physiological condition to be safe and secure using this type of sling. Having undertaken extensive field research with voice of customer input and evaluating then combining the current sling designs in our portfolio, we have been able to create a new style of toileting sling that offers the best of Care & Independence design and manufacturing - the result of which is the glove™ Convenience Max.”


With a high back, hoisting may be achieved (subject to appropriate risk assessments) from bed or even floor as well as seated position, providing care givers with greater application opportunities.  Deep lumbar and underarm padding provides beneficial additional comfort for the user during use.  Care & Independence’s patented binding-free leg sections have been applied with double-sided padded slidesheet fabric, not only making fitting a dream but helping reduce tissue viability risks arising from drag and shear.  As a toileting style sling, naturally the glove™ Convenience Max has a large aperture giving excellent lower body access for hygiene purposes.  Loop straps at the legs give an adjustable angle of recline, whilst the upper body benefits from dynamic, self-adjusting shoulder extensor straps that prevent jack-knifing during transfer and make the sling ideal for users subject to extensor spasm.


What really sets the glove™ Convenience Max apart however, is the self-adjusting corset-style enclosed body that hugs as it lifts, providing the user with the combination of core stability, accessibility and maximum support.  Furthermore, a luxurious one-way non-slip velvet velour back panel and lumbar pad together with a triple clunk-click buckle chestband provide maximum security for the user during use.  Suffice to say, the glove™ Convenience Max delivers maximum performance too and, as with all glove slings™, carries a lifetime warranty.


We are well versed in solving complex moving and handling issues and are really proud of our latest sling innovation,” declared Bennett.  “As a business we have a 10-year goal to improve the lives of 1 million people per year.  By bringing the glove™ Convenience Max to market, we know the difference it will make to thousands of users, carers and their families - and that, is the greatest of rewards.”


The glove™ Convenience Max will be available for assessment-led sales in June 2023.  Demonstrations and appointment bookings can be made via to locate the relevant local Product Specialist.  Additional product information can also be found on the website as part of the glove sling™ Toileting Family page.