Below are a selection of the questions we are most frequently asked about for the COMFORT VALUE® range proposition.  If you can't find the answer you need, we'll happily arrange to talk through any addition queries you may have on a one-to-one basis.

The COMFORT VALUE® range is ideal for the forward-thinking budget-conscious buyer for whom quality, performance and durability is equally important.  For carers, the COMFORT VALUE® range provides practical functionality whilst the user benefits from the comfort of the products themselves. 

We have very specifically chosen models for the COMFORT VALUE® range which we know address common and multiple needs.  The multi-functionality of the COMFORT VALUE® products mean that organisations don’t need to stock (and pay for) such a diverse range of models.  Furthermore, as the COMFORT VALUE® range is fully serviceable and has high recyclability credentials, COMFORT VALUE® products provide a durability and sustained quality beyond many of the other market alternatives.

That’s dependant upon numerous contributing factors.  Our Business Development Managers would be happy to discuss your personal circumstances and advise individually on potential cost savings.  Contact us on 033 012 80808 to schedule your personal consultation.

The nature of the COMFORT VALUE® range is that a bulk-buy makes more economic sense.  Slings are available in boxes of  of a multiple of ten (which can be multi-sized) as a minimum order quantity (MOQ). 

The COMFORT VALUE® range is targeted as stocked products specifically for high-volume providers such as CES.  COMFORT VALUE® can be available for general purchase but without an assessment.

Absolutely not.  The value part of the range name represents the value the products provide, not as a reflection of the quality.  COMFORT VALUE® products are made with many of the same materials used in other Care & Independence ranges - we have simply modified the production process, removing the option to customise individual products, resulting in cost and time savings.

Our COMFORT VALUE® products are subjected to the same extensive product testing and quality standards as our other ranges.  Performance standards are therefore set at identical high levels to be found within other Care & Independence ranges.

The new Care & Independence COMFORT VALUE® range is competitively priced for the high volume sector.  What sets COMFORT VALUE® apart is the quality provided for such an affordable price point  together with the functional diversity and durability across multiple situations and specialist needs.

The COMFORT VALUE® range is an ‘off-the-shelf’ range for which there are no accessories or modifications offered at production level.  However, the COMFORT VALUE® Bathing products are modular, meaning parts are interchangeable between models and can thus be moderately configured at stock/user level if necessary.  We can also supply a chest-support band if required for the COMFORT VALUE® Deluxe and  Recline sling models. 

No, not by Care & Independence as the COMFORT VALUE® range is only available as non-assessed stocked items.  The onus will fall to the individual occupational therapist or care-provider to undertake the necessary assessments prior to using a COMFORT VALUE® product from the relevant stock provider.

All COMFORT VALUE® range products are issued with a three year manufacturer’s warranty as standard.  Care & Independence provide a service and repair operation for some products outside of the warranty period. Contact us for more details.

In the event that an issue arises whilst ‘on loan’, the matter should initially be raised with the individual supplying organisation.

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