COMFORT VALUE™ Accessories Family

Care & Independence optional accessories for COMFORT VALUE™ are available a variety of applications and sizes to further enhance the user experience.  Factory fitting is provided for some products.   

For more information on any of the items listed below, please speak with your local Business Development Manager.  An accessories overiew document can be downloaded here.

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Chestband (CV) - ADDBAND

Factory-fitted chestband fastening for additional user security during fitting and wearing of sling.

Sizing: Adult, Paediatric & Infant
Materials:  Padded Polyester
Attachment Type: Dependant upon sling model
Other: 27cm extension. 
Colour Options:  Black only
Compatibility:  Hybrid Family and CVR & CVR-HB only

Gap Front Seat - CVGF

Available as a seat option within COMFORT VALUE™ Bathing Family.  

Size: 17", 19" 21"
Fabric:  Wipe clean anti-microbacterial vinyl
Colour Option: Black 
Other:  Padded with clip-on attachment
Compatibility:  CVSC (attendant and self propel) and CVTIS

Toilet Seat - OOTSEAT

Available as a seat option for COMFORT VALUE™ Bathing Family. 

Size: 17", 19" 21"
Fabric:  Wipe clean anti-microbacterial vinyl
Colour Option: Black
Other:  Padded with clip-on attachment
Compatibility:  CVSC (attendant and self propel variants) and CVTIS

Self-propelling wheel conversion (KIT) - CVSC/004

Details coming soon

Attendant Wheel Conversion (KIT) - CVSC/005

Details coming soon

Foot Strap - FOOTSTRAP

Provides additional safety to help protect legs and prevent kicking out.

Size: One size.  Adjustable.
Material: Padded webbing
Colour Options: Black only
Attachment Type:  Buckle or hook and loop
Compatibility: CVSC (attendant or self propel variants) and CVTIS
Other:  Sold as single unit

Lapstrap - LAPSTRAP

Extra security for user when seated in bathing chair.  Can be attached to frame in multiple positions with an easy to use strap slider and clunk-click buckles.

Size: One size
Materials: Polyester webbing
Colour Options: Black only
Other: 1 pc in 2 parts
Compatibility: Tilt-In-Space chair and Shower Chair (attendant and self propel models).

Thoracic Support - ACLATSUP

Soft vinyl with padded wedges providing multi-positional additional support to either thoracic area or legs

Size: Infant (36cm), Paediatric (43cm), Adult (48cm)
Materials: Padded vinyl
Colour Options:  Black only
Compatibility: Tilt-In-Space Chair and Shower Chairs

Commode Pan & Rack - PCOMPAN

Convenient in-situ toilet relief.  Purpose-moulded pan base with detachable fitted lid with easy grip handle.  Easy to insert or remove from either front or back of bathing chair.

Size: One size. 4.5 litre volume
Materials: Anti-bacterial ABS plastic
Colour Options: White only
Other:  Factory fitted rack
Compatibility: Tilt-In-Space Chair and Shower Chairs

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