GLOVE SLING™ Accessories Family

Care & Independence optional accessories for the GLOVE SLING™ range are available a variety of applications, sizes and colours to further enhance the user experience.  Factory fitting is provided for some products.   

For more information on any of the items listed below, please speak with your local Product Specialist.

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Detachable Head Support - GH

Perfect for when additional head support is required on standard sling without intergral head support.

Size: 2-12
Materials: Padded soft-knit Polyester
Attachment Type: Hook and Loop
Colour Options: Black, Blue, Sage, Pink, Red 
Compatibility:  All non-Plus style variants of GLOVE SLING™ excluding GC2 and GHUG

Bolster Neck Pillow - GAIRBOL

Useful aid to provide a more snug fit to a service user when in a sling whilst adding extra support and comfort too.

Sizing: One size
Materials:  Filled polyester
Attachment Type: Slots into sling pocket
Colour Options: No
Compatibility:  Plus variant GLOVE SLINGS™

Strap Cover - GSTRAPCOV

Ideal for preventing snagging and keeps straps safely out of harms way plus additional padded comfort for user.

Sizing: One size
Materials:  Padded polyester
Attachment Type: Hook and Loop
Colour Options: Black, Sage, Teal, Crimson
Compatibility:  All GLOVE SLINGS™

Extension Strap - GSTRAPEX

Set of two 2-loop extension loops for when additional strap length is required.

Sizing: One size
Materials:  Strap fabric
Attachment Type: Hook and Loop
Colour Options: No
Other info: 20cm length
Compatibility:  All GLOVE SLINGS™ with loop straps

Please note this is not the Extensor loop shoulder strap

Chestband - ADDCBAND

Factory-fitted chestband fastening for additional user security during fitting and wearing of sling.

Sizing: Adult, Paediatric & Infant
Materials:  Padded Polyester
Attachment Type: Dependant upon sling model
Other: 27cm extension. 
Colour Options:  As per sling colour
Compatibility:  All GLOVE SLINGS™ except GHUG or GCP.

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