It goes without saying that people are individuals.  Users of our type of products each have their own special needs and circumstances, so sometimes a standardised solution just isn't suitable.  As we are both the designers and manufacturers, this gives us the freedomknow-how and on demand capability to adapt standard products, allowing the creation of bespoke or modified products commonly referred to as 'Specials' - providing our customers with a truly personal service not found elsewhere. 

A truly personal service

Care & Independence are renowned within our industry for our ability to create tailor-made solutions for individuals with specific requirements.  We call these bespoke products ‘Specials’ and pride ourselves on being able to make a GLOVE SLING™ for any special need. Specials are also available on some BATHING RANGE equipment too.

Working with you, our Product Specialists and design team are able to tailor-make a solution to suit virtually all individual needs and modification requests. 

Creating in excess of 2000 ‘Specials’ every year, unique specifications may include bespoke measurements, additional accessories or a change of fabric colour for example.  

Quotations are available upon request.

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Your local Product Specialist is available to discuss modification requests and help guide you through the best solution for your personal needs.