Care & Independence Race For Life To Improve Lives

A Team from Care & Independence have taken part in two of this year’s Race For Life events as part of Cancer Research fundraising efforts...

What began as a suggestion that it “might be nice” if some staff joined in to show support for a colleague currently under-going chemotherapy for a recently diagnosed cancer, quickly escalated into over a third of the company signing up to take part!  Ian Jones Managing Director said of the staff response, “It’s been wonderful to see how many of our employees have really got on board with this to show support for a colleague who is a much liked and respected member of the team.  For over 15 years this colleague has been helping improve the lives of thousands of vulnerable and less abled people and we are very proud to run the race and raise funds in their name.”


The Care & Independence Race For Life Team simultaneously raced at Aylesbury and Wigan 5k events on Wednesday 18th May, allowing both GLOVE SLING™ and BATHING RANGE production sites to participate.  They managed to raise just short of £1700.  Very well done to all those involved!


If you'd like to make a donation please visit: