GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy Launched

Following the immense success of the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe slings, Care & Independence the safe patient moving and handling specialists have today announced the newest member of the Diamond sling family – the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy!

Boasting the same patented diamond-aperture and binding-free leg sections that help relieve and redirect pressure away from the coccyx and sacrum as well as reduce drag and shear skin integrity risks to the legs, the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy has been fashioned with the broader hipped user in mind.  Wider and longer leg sections make the Foxy-style ideal for larger users who may find traditionally-cut slings a bit too tight-fitting on key lifting areas.  Made from soft-knit Polyester and with quality Hyperlast™ slidesheet material integrated to the torso and double-sided on legs, the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy is a carer’s fitting dream as it easily slides into position.

We knew from the get-go with the Diamond range we were onto something really special as our product development team had really pushed the boundaries in sling innovation,” reflected James Bennett Sales & Marketing Director.  “The GLOVE Diamond Deluxe Foxy was a natural progression to our product portfolio, ensuring we are as inclusive as possible and everyone - regardless of body shape - can benefit from the strides we make to help improve lives.

With a safe working load of 200kg and available in sizes 4-9, the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy even has its own Foxy sizing guide.  Sling sizes are anthropometric (meaning they are scientifically based on universal body ratios) which takes the guessing out of which size will be the best fit for an individual.  Offered with a free assessment from Product Specialists based nationwide, the GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy is assured of a bright future as a firm favourite for general transfer purposes with occupational therapists and users alike.

The GLOVE™ Diamond Deluxe Foxy is available for purchase from August 2022.