BATHING RANGE ReMould Support Accessories

Nine new bathing range accessories have just been released utilising the burnett remould® technology of vacuum-moulding.  These new bathing range support accessories give users greater postural support and comfort during bathing ablutions.

Offered in adult, paediatric and infant sizing, the new support accessories have been purposely designed for use with the Care & Independence Tilt-In-Space and Options Shower Chair Families.  According to Sales & Marketing Director James Bennett, the company frequently receive modification requests for such products, ordered as “specials” since Care & Independence became the manufacturer in May 2023 for the formerly-known Burnett System.


“When we acquired the range of products in the “Burnett” line, one of the postural support families we inherited was specifically for use in bathing applications.  Whilst these products are very popular in their own right, their focus is on providing assisted bathing solutions in a typical bathroom, without adaptations.  Where this latest product development differs is that these new burnett remould® supports are designed to be used with existing mobile bathing solutions such as a shower commode, or Tilt-in-Space cradle.  These bathing range support accessories deliver a great solution for users with more complex postural support needs when the elasticity of soft 3D-Spacer bathing equipment fabric isn’t enough,” James explained.


The new bathing range postural support accessories comprise a ReMould Back Support, ReMould Full Body Support (which includes head, back and seat) and the ReMould Multi Support, so called because it can be positioned in multiple areas as needed or combined with the back support at the head and/or calf area.   The vinyl pouches are filled with thousands of small beads that can be manipulated to form a personalised mould specific to user requirements.  The extraction of air via a pump, retains the moulded shape for a perfect fit unique to an individual’s body contours.  Straps with clunk-click buckles secure the postural support to the chair frame.   Depressing the valve reintroduces air into the pouch, ready to re-begin the moulding process as needs dictate.


All bathing range ReMould Postural Support Accessories are available from 4th June in black as standard or blue as an option.  Please speak with your local Area Sales manager for further information or visit the bathing range accessories webpage